Jeeva – Harris Jeyaraj combo

There are quite a few songs of Harris Jeyaraj that feature in my all-time favourite songs list. I started off writing a post on that but, as I started writing, I realized that most of them were the ones that HJ had composed for Jeeva. So, here’s a post on my 5 favourite songs produced by HJ-Jeeva combo. It’s sad that this combination is never going to happen again. 😦
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Hi Readers!

Will start posting regularly from tomorrow. 🙂 I think I have now overcome the blogger’s block. 😛

Aayitha Ezhuthu VCD

I got the VCD of Aayitha Ezhuthu (seems DVD has still not been released) released by Moser Baer today. Neither the picture quality nor the sound quality is that good. 😦 So, don’t buy it unless you very badly want to watch the movie.


I came back after watching Sivaji just now. 😀 For the first time in my life, I missed the first few minutes of a movie in theatre. 😦 I have always been at the theater at least 20 minutes before the movie starts!

Random musings after watching the movie:

  • I am never going to like a Shankar’s movie completely (I could see it as a Shankar’s movie only more than Rajni’s in the first half), especially, the scenes where the hero woos the heroine or other scenes featuring the lead pair of the movie. (and in this movie, their family too!)
  • Rajni is the SUPERSTAR irrespective of whether he is Sivaji or MGR. 😉 He rulezzzzzzzz but only in the second half of the movie especially when he is the Mottai Boss 😀
  • The way Rajni reacts when he gets caught on the railway track is classic Rajni stuff.
  • Songs are picturized quite well. Athiradee as everyone said, was too good! I didn’t like Balleilakka that much.
  • I didn’t like that Suman that much. Raghuvaran will always be the perfect villain for Rajni! Imagine Raghuvaran delivering those dialogues of Suman! Would have been great!
  • Finally, the movie was exactly as I expected it to be, that is, not so great and not so bad either. 😉 And, Batsha, Padaiyappa and Annamalai will remain my favourite Rajni movies!

Happy World Music day!

To all the music lovers out there, wish you a very Happy World Music Day! 🙂 I am celebrating the day with A.R.Rahman’s Shauk hai from ‘Guru’. 🙂 With what song are you celebrating?

I am

Bored 😦 Don’t feel like doing anything….

Rain Songs

Rains have started in Chennai and celebrating the rains, here is a post on some of my favourite rain songs. The list of songs is in no particular order.
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