Kannathil Muthamittal

Kannathil Muthamittal


Say Kannatthil Mutthamittal and the dialogues/scenes that come to my mind are:

Introduction scene of Amudha: “En paeru T.Amudha. Naan 5D la padikkarraen.” (Why do kids always say their section along with their class?)
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It’s back!!!!

The series that I enjoyed the most in the blog world is Prabhu’s He-She series. And, it’s back again! Hurray! 🙂 Prabhu, hope you don’t stop the series again!

Can a music lover ever have enough?

Every aspect of the new WorldSpace ad is too good! Be it the WorldSpace Signature tune played in a Hindustani style or the music shop or the Hindustani music lover (look at his expressions!) and then, of course, A.R.Rahman! Does he look cool! And then, the lines in the ad!

“So you love Indian Classical music? You spend every rupee you can on Ravi Shankar, Bhimsen Joshi? But, can a music lover ever have enough?” asks Rahman.

Yeah, can a music lover ever have enough? What is it that is there in music that never lets you feel you have had enough of it? What is there in music that makes you feel that every time you listen to it, you are elevated to a new state of bliss altogether?
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Worldspace Ad

Worldspace has come out with new ads! Here’s one:

Wonderful or Cruel?

You are sitting in your cubicle and are not aware of what’s happening outside. When you step out for lunch, you see that the sky is covered with clouds. Enjoying the cool breeze blowing, you walk to the food court slowly, have your lunch and then, come outside only to realize that the weather has become even more pleasant! It slowly starts drizzling too and a few drops of rain fall on you! And you say Life is wonderful not only there, but here too! 🙂
Just when you are happily enjoying the wonderful life, you are forced to attend a session inside a closed air-conditioned room filled with the smell of cigarette smoke! 😦 How you wish the smokers had visited the smoking zone after the session! 😦 Now, you wonder whether life is cruel or wonderful!

An evening with Rahman’s music

For the past four days, I have been listening to only two songs again and again. They are Sonu Nigam’s Deewana (This one is of course not A.R.Rahman’s) and Rahman’s Lukka Chuppi. More than the music, one thing that had me hooked on to these two songs is the voice of Sonu Nigam & A.R.Rahman. The feel that they both bring to the songs with their voices is amazing.
Yesterday evening, I listened to the songs of Sivaji for the first time. After listening to Rahman singing a beautiful line like ‘Yahaan sab kuch hai maa phir bhi lage bin tere mujhko akela’ in Lukka Chuppi, his singing the line ‘Bun bun nee sweet bun’ in the song Athiradee didn’t appeal to me initially. After that, I listened to some of my favourites sung by Rahman since all I wanted to do was to listen to only the songs sung by him!
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One moment you feel as though your life just can’t get better and you are enjoying every bit of it. The very next moment something that you never ever expected would happen, happens and you feel as though your whole life has got shattered. You try to accept it as a fact of life and try your best to move on. But, is it that easy? Life indeed, is a mystery. You never know what happens when and why it happens. And the worst part is when you have to accept things and carry on with your life as usual….