The Banyan Theme by A.R.Rahman

This is what I am currently hooked onto! What a lovely music by Rahman!
Watching this video made me think about the difficulties faced by all the women with mental illness while we are here happily enjoying our lives….Kudos to the Banyan team!

Here’s the link for the video in case you are not able to view it here:


ZambeZi funK – In My Father’s Words – BlaaZe & SagaR

I like this one very much! Wish Blaaze comes up with more stuff like this one!
Here’s the link for this video:

Global Rhythms at Saarang 2007

The show which was supposed to start at 7.00 pm started only at 8 and concluded at around 9.45.
1. Navaragamalika Varnam
Played by Carnatic musicians Embar Kannan (Violin) and U.P.Raju (Mandolin) along with Poongulam Subramaniam on the Mridangam, Ghatam S.Karthick on the Ghatam and one more person on the khanjira.
2. A piece of music named Ecstasy
Played by the same team along with musicians from the Global Rhythms.
3. Jeff Queen of Global Rhythms played some percussion instrument.
Pat Hernly from Global Rhythms who compered the whole show called the one played by Jeff as American music.
4. Raagam Taanam Pallavi in raaga Revathy
This was not like the usual RTP in Carnatic Music concerts. The ‘Konakkol’ by Pat Hernly was awesome.
5. Srinivas Krishnan sang a medley of some raagas used by A.R.Rahman in his compositions with a few words from the songs which are based on the raaga that he was singing. The songs included Lukka Chuppi (the line ‘Kya bataoon Maa’), Yeh Tara Woh Tara (the humming in the beginning of the song and the line ‘Bood Boond’), Oru Deivam Thanda Poove, Ghanan Ghanan and Mangal Mangal
6. An Italian piece of music played in Saxaphone by a member of Global Rhythms.
7. James Sparling of Global Rhythms played some percussion instrument.
8. Pat of Global Rhythms called this one as a tribute to Mridangam/Tani Avartanam. This one was amazing! The percussion artistes from Global Rhythms as well as Poongulam Subramaniam and Ghatam S.Karthick played this one.
9. Again a Carnatic music composition, Shobillu in Jaganmohini raaga.
10. A.R.Rahman’s Shakalaka Baby (Bombay Dreams’ version)
11. A.R.Rahman’s Thaiyya Thaiyya sung by Rahman’s sister Rehana and Palghat Sriram with Srinivas Krishnan also joining once in a while.
12. A.R.Rahman’s Dol Dol.

On the whole, the show was pretty good. But I somehow didn’t enjoy it that much. This is one show that made me feel I wouldn’t have missed much even if I had not attended it.

Request from a fellow rasika

Dear Next-Seat-Maama/Maami,
I know that you are a highly knowledgeable person as far as Classical music is concerned and you know all the songs/raagas that the musician is singing / playing. But, should that make you sing the song or the raaga alapana along with the musician? I have come to the concert to hear the artistes on the stage perform. Not to hear your voice. You may be a good singer. But, if you want to show-off your singing skills, this is not the place for you. Why is it that in almost all the concerts that I go to, I find someone like you sitting next to me/behind me? I am not able to enjoy the performance of the musician completely as your singing keeps distracting me.
– Kaadhil Panjudan,
P.S: I wrote it in this way after getting inspired by Prabhu’s writings.

Shopping in Bangalore

Last year, I happened to stay in Mysore for some months. During my stay there, on a Sunday I had gone to Bangalore with my friends. There were four of us, three girls and a guy (poor fellow). We reached B’lore at around 10 o’clock in the morning. We had taken the Volvo bus from Mysore. These KSRTC Volvo buses are so comfortable. You don’t feel the strain of traveling by bus. Wish there were Volvo buses in TN too.
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Prasanna’s Bliss Factor

I listened to ‘Bliss Factor’ from Guitar Prasanna’s album ‘Be the Change’ for the first time only day before yesterday. I liked it in the first listening itself. But, yesterday when I listened to it again, I became totally crazy about it and listened to it continuously for about 15 times! I love Shalini’s singing in this one especially when she sings the swarams ‘R R G M P M…’. I just can’t stop myself from listening to it! Even before starting from home today morning, I listened to it for some 4 times. Those who have not listened to it, please do.

Sanjay Subrahmanyan’s Concert

I went to Sanjay’s concert today at Anjaneya Temple, Alamelumangapuram. Sanjay was accompanied by Varadarajan on the violin and Arun Prakash on the Mridangam. Look at the combination. Do I need to even say how the concert was! Here’s the list of songs:
1. Ninnu joochi – Sowrashtram
2. Bala Kanakamaya – Atana
3. Tolijanma – Bilahari
4. Raama neene – Narayani
5. Kaa Vaa Vaa – Varali
6. Maa Janaki
7. Bantu Reeti – Hamsanadam
8. Kori Sevimpa – Karaharapriya (Main piece)
9. Manadirkkugadadu – Sindhubhairavi
10. Maavalla Gadamma – Mand
11. Mangalam – Sowrashtram

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