Anjali Apartments

No this post is not about any apartment. Anjali Apartments is the name of a show that comes in Hello FM everyday which features conversations between the Manager of Anjali Apartments, Madhavan, and others living in the apartment. If I am not mistaken, the dialogues in this show should supposedly make the listeners laugh! But, I seriously wonder who will laugh after hearing those dialogues! Sample this (not the exact words of course):

Some kid: Uncle, enga veetla yaarukkum enna pidikkala
Manager: Yaen appadi solra?
Some kid: Ennoda periya akkakku rendu thangai, ennoda innoru akkakku oru thangai aana enakku mattum thangaye illa!

Oh My God! You should realise how I must have felt after hearing it! That was the last time I listened to that program. It was a week back or so. Why can’t they come up with better content!


Panguni Festival at Kapleeswarar Temple

The Panguni festival began at Kapaleeswarar temple on Saturday. Today is the third day and it is on this day that Lord Kapaleewarar is taken out in a procession on Adhikara Nandi. Lord Vinayaka, Lord Subramanya, Godess Karpagambal and Chandikeswarar are also taken in procession. I must say I am very blessed since I got the darshan of Adhikara Nandi today for the first time. Here are some snaps that I took:
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I am going to start with the climax! I love the climax and the location where it was shot too. Perfect choice! Madhubala runs down the steps and Arvind Samy too runs towards her. The first time he slips and falls, she hurries down the steps. Then, when he rolls down the steps, she lets out a cry and rushes towards him. Now, they are just a few feet away from each other. Unlike other movies where the heroine will run towards the hero immediately to help him, here, she herself becomes so weak with joy on seeing her husband after a long time that she is unable to even stand! Then, when he finally reaches her, they let their eyes and tears do the talking, he then calls her ‘Pattikkaadu’ and they both hug! No unnecessary dialogue between the couple. Their eyes and actions do all the talking! Wow!
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Mouna Raagam & Anjali

In the next few posts, I am planning to write about some of my favourite scenes/songs in Mani Ratnam’s movies. Just thinking about some scenes brings a smile to your face or makes you remember other favourite scenes in the movie. I will start with ‘Anjali’ and then move on to other MR’s films.



This is the first ever movie that I saw in theatre. Even now, I praise my Dad for his fore-sightedness for having taken me to the theatre to watch a Mani Ratnam’s movie knowing that I would become a die-hard fan of his movies in the future. 😉 Since I was a kid at that time, I don’t remember much about what I felt after seeing the movie or whether did I even feel anything. 😉
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Who searched for this?

Who searched for ‘ar rahman is not welcome in tamilnadu’ in Google? I am asking this only because I am curious to know what made someone search for this. But, look the search results for this in Google. The top two results are Prabhu’s post for Chennai Metblogs and my posts on Rahman. So, I guess this would have made whoever searched for this, know that A.R.Rahman is indeed most welcome in Tamil Nadu. 🙂

Murphy Rulezz

Your friend tells you that some of the unseen scenes from ‘Guru’ are going to be telecast on CNN IBN at 11.30 pm. In spite of feeling sleepy, you excitedly wait in front of the TV trying hard not to close your eyes. At around 11.25 pm, you get a blank screen on TV with an error message ‘No Signal Found’! 😦 The set top box receives the signal only at around 11.35 and you get to see only a couple of scenes.
I don’t know what other scenes I missed. I hate SCV and my cable operator! Whenever I eagerly wait to watch a program on TV, this happens. 😦 Can’t help saying Murphy Rules (After all, Murphy’s Law is the one law that I completely believe in) at moments like this!

Ambulance and Traffic Signals

Seeing an ambulance waiting at a traffic signal with its siren blaring is something that pains my heart. How I wish something was done about it! Why can’t the vehicles coming from the opposite side stop and give way for the ambulance? (I know it is easier said than done) Is it a must to follow the signal when a person’s life is at stake? Can’t the police do anything about it? I remember waiting at the signal at the Mount Road-Venkatanarayana Road junction once when an ambulance, inside which was sitting a lady crying with a baby in her arms, was waiting for the signal to turn green for some 10 minutes! Agreed it was peak hour and the traffic was heavy. But, couldn’t something have been done about it? Yesterday too I saw an ambulance waiting for some 5 minutes at a signal. It is at moments like these that I feel so damn helpless! 

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