Sanjay’s Concert – The magical music continues!

At Kamarajar Arangam (Kartik Fine Arts) on 13th December

Nagai Muralidharan – Violin
Guruvayur Dorai – Mridangam
T.V.Vasan – Ghatam

Concert Duration: 3 hrs 20 min
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T M Krishna’s Kutcheri

Violin: R K Shriramkumar
Mridangam: Umayalapuram Sivaraman
Khanjira: Sree Sundarkumar

1. Varnam – Reetigowlai
2. Tulasidala – Mayamalavagowlai
3. Kamakshi – Bhairavi
4. Ee Vasudha – Sahana
5. Chesinadella – Todi
6. Gopa Nandana – Bhushavali
7. Raagam Taanam Pallavi – Kedaragowlai
Pallavi – Sarasa daLa Nayana Hare Krishna,
Swarams in Varali, Sama and Hamir Kalyani
8. Marubaari – Khamas
9. Varugalamo – Manji
10. Mangalam – Sourashtram
11. Mangalam Kosalendraya – Surutti
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Mandolin Srinivas’ Kutcheri

Violin: Nagai Sriram
Mridangam: B.Harikumar
Ghatam: S.V.Ramani
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Mandolin Srinivas’s Purnashadjam

Mandolin Srinivas’ playing has always left me amazed! This one is no exception. Lavanya Rama in Purnashadjam has always been one of my favourites. I am listening to this composition, Gananayakam, for the first time today and it has got me hooked to it now! I must say, this week has been a musically great week for me. 😉

Please listen to this one even if you are not a Carnatic music lover. I am sure you will enjoy it.

Link via Adithya


A little more than a year back, right out of college into the corporate world with no experience whatsoever, having to stay away from home in a new city for 4 full months, sharing a room with a person whom I didn’t know at all, spending days and nights in front of the computer learning new things on one hand and making new friends out of the teammates in project on the other, the training turned to be one of the most unforgettable experiences in my life! The past two days I am feeling very nostalgic thinking about my training days thanks to the songs, Giriraja Suta and Enta Muddo by Mandolin Srinivas! It was during my training that I became crazy about these songs and listening to those now has brought back all the pleasant memories!

An RTP that made my day!

Just a few days before T M Krishna’s concert, I was telling my friend how great it would be if Sanjay or TMK sings Ragam Tanam Pallavi more often in concerts. Little did I know that I would be rewarded with one so soon! 🙂 I loved the Latangi RTP 🙂 I would say the Latangi compensated for the main piece in Todi. Yes you read it right. Hey wait! I am not saying anything about the way TMK sang it! His Todi was excellent as usual! 🙂
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Sanjay Subrahmanyan’s Concert

Pakkala Ramdas: Violin
Neyveli Venkatesh: Mridangam

1. Vande mataram – Kedaram
2. Siva loka – Mayamalava Gowlai
3. AttharuNam abhayam – Bhairavi
4. Sri venugopala – Durbar
5. Pullum silambin – Sankarabharanam
6. Ika param – Simhendra madhyamam
7. Tiruvadi Charanam – Kambhoji
8. Chinnanchiru kiLiye – Ragamalika
9. Vettai veLi thannil – mix of Harikambhoji and Karaharapriya (Came to know the raagam from
10. Tillana – Dwijavanti
11. Teruvinil – Surutti
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