konRai pookaL

Many parts of Chennai were adorned by these beautiful ‘sara konRai’ flowers until a couple of weeks back. (Even now the flowers are still present but, the yellow colour of the flowers has started to fade away.) These flowers look so beautiful covering the whole tree with very few leaves visible! The sara konRai flowers are considered to be sacred for Lord Shiva. Say konRai pookaL and the first thing that comes to my mind immediately is the line from ‘Pachchai Nirame’, ‘konRai poovil kuLittha manjaL’! 🙂 The botanical name of this flower is Cassia Fistula

Here are some snaps of the lovely flowers that I took a few weeks back:
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Ponmaalai Pozhudhu

You are travelling on ECR by bus in the evening. Forget the East Coast and the beach! Look towards the west. You see the blue sky turned pinkish adorned beautifully by the orangish sun. You turn on the radio and guess what song plays! ‘Idhu oru ponmaalai pozhudhu’ from ‘Nizhalgal’!

Idhu oru pon maalai pozhudhu
vaana magaL naaNugiRaaL
vaeRu udai pooNugiRaaL

You can witness this right in front of your eyes! 🙂 Wow!
P.S.: I didn’t have my camera with me. So, couldn’t take snaps 😦


Here’s a lovely photo of the moon appearing yellow in colour, taken by my sister when she went to the beach on ECR on Sunday:


The one road on which I like travelling in the evenings is the Adyar Bridge. If you are someone who likes to see sunrise  or sunset, then you must surely travel by the Adyar Bridge at around 6 pm. The sun appearing like an orange ball, the sky in myriad hues of pink and its reflection on the water! Wow! Thank God water is there atleast in Adyar river!