Why do people eat animals? :((


Vegetarianism is one topic that is very close to my heart. I don’t really know how people are able to kill and eat animals! Today, I got the picture above as a forward, with a subject ‘World’s Saddest pic….really touching’, from one of my friends who eats non-vegetarian. Looking at it I couldn’t help but wonder why she had sent me that picture in the first place. If it really touched her heart so much that she sent it to everybody, then why is she continuing to eat animals? You may ask me why I didn’t ask her this question. But, I have already asked so many people how they are able to eat animals and till now no one has given me a proper answer or worse they tell me that I should taste them and see. How I wish people would stop killing and eating animals!


‘Guru’ Music

Being a very BIIIIIIG fan of Mani Ratnam and A.R.Rahman, the first thing that I wanted to do today was to get the CD of ‘Guru’! But it was raining so heavily that I could go & get the CD only at around 12. From the time I got it, I have been listening to it continuously! The music is, as expected, excellent! There surely is nobody to beat Rahman!

My first blog post

For more than an year now, one of my most favourite activity has been reading blogs. After seeing so many people blogging, I have been thinking for quite sometime now about why I too shouldn’t start blogging. But the main question nagging my mind was what will I write about? Will anybody even want to read what I write? Well here I am finally all set to write my own blog leaving behind all my initial apprehensions.