Why is it that a day that starts with a confusion goes on to become one with full of confusions only?

Talking about confusions, I remembered these lines: (God knows who came up with it!)

Don’t confuse the confusion until the confusion confuses you, and
If the confusion confuses you, you will be confused until the confusion confuses itself!



Yet another scrap in Orkut, from some stranger. Please read on to see how great a ‘friend’ I have got!

The (s)crap:
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Ice Cream!

On yet another day, you decide that you will consciously keep a watch on the food that you eat and make sure that at least by this month end, you reduce a few kilos. With the oath taken for nth time in the past few months, you go to the food court to have lunch with your friends. Your friend says she is going to have an ice cream and looks at you. You tell her that you won’t have ice cream and she laughs knowing very well about how strong you are in sticking to your ‘diet’. You go along with her and on seeing the different flavours of ice cream and thinking about how delicious they taste, you fight hard to control your temptation. To add to it, you see someone buying a large Sundae. That’s it! All oath forgotten and not caring the least about your friend laughing at you (after all, seeing this happen has become a habit now 😉 ), you get just a single scoop of ice cream. But, does it end there? The man at the counter asks, ‘Toppings?’ and on hearing him tell the list of toppings he has, you can’t control the temptation at all and end up eating a nice butterscotch ice cream with a butterscotch topping with the feeling of guilt pushed to the back of your mind! Yummy! 😀

Once the ice cream gets over, you decide that at least from now on, you will stick to your ‘diet’. But, next week, again the same story continues. 🙂

P.S.: Was wondering what post to write next when reading Gayathri’s post made me realize that I too have a similar story to tell. 😉

Happy Friendship Day!

Check your mail, check your SMS, it’s Friendship Day wishes everywhere! Let’s take the scenario say, a decade back. Did we celebrate Friendship Day as we do now? (Of course, I don’t celebrate it in any special way even now) Did we wish anyone a Happy Friendship Day those days? In spite of that, didn’t we all have so many friends? If I don’t wish my friend a Happy Friendship Day, does that mean I am not his/her friend or vice versa? 😛 Why is everyone falling prey to all the marketing tactics adopted by the shops selling Greeting cards, gifts, friendship bands, etc.? I don’t believe in celebrating days like these at all since I don’t see the need to have a separate day for celebrating friendship or whatever it may be.
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A little more than a year back, right out of college into the corporate world with no experience whatsoever, having to stay away from home in a new city for 4 full months, sharing a room with a person whom I didn’t know at all, spending days and nights in front of the computer learning new things on one hand and making new friends out of the teammates in project on the other, the training turned to be one of the most unforgettable experiences in my life! The past two days I am feeling very nostalgic thinking about my training days thanks to the songs, Giriraja Suta and Enta Muddo by Mandolin Srinivas! It was during my training that I became crazy about these songs and listening to those now has brought back all the pleasant memories!

To tell or not to tell?

There are some people who belong to the category, ‘sonnaalum puriyaadhu, sollaama irundhaalum theriyaadhu!’ (Neither do they understand when you say it, nor will they understand on their own when you don’t say it). What to do with such people?

Naan Vegetarian

Read the following lines from the song ‘Balleilakka’:

ammiyil arachu aakkivacha naattu kozhi patta kelappum
aadu maadu mela ULLa Paasam
veettu ration card-il serkka solli kaetkum

What’s the need to have such contradicting lines? How can the same person who kills and eats chicken (For God’s sake, it’s a baby!), love goats and cows when in all probability he might be eating those as well?!
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