From just another Rahman fan to a Rahmaniac – The journey

Warning: The longest-ever post in this blog follows! Read it if you have the time and patience.

Initially when I thought about what to write to mark the 15 years of completion of A R Rahman in the world of films, I couldn’t think of any specific aspect to focus on. Besides, I was thinking what’s so special on completing 15 years? After all, Rahman has been associated with/composing music for a period more than that. But, did I listen to his music before 15 years, knowing that the music that I was listening to was composed by him (Am referring to the jingles etc. here)? Hasn’t these 15 years made a difference to my life in a way it can’t be imagined? Besides, I thought I had said everything I wanted to say about his music in my earlier post. But, can proper justice be done to the magic produced by Rahman’s music in just a single post?! So, here’s my journey of how I transformed from just another fan of A R Rahman into a Rahmaniac.
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Vandisolai Chinnarasu

I listened properly to most of the songs from the movie, Vandisolai Chinnarasu for the first time only yesterday! Considering the fact that ARR scored music for this movie way back in 1994 and I have been a fan of his right from the beginning, I must say I am listening to it veryyyy late! 😦
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veLLai pookkaL

Complete silence apart from A R Rahman singing VeLLai pookaL! In a state of bliss that cannot be described in words 🙂

veLLai pookkaL ulagam engum malargave
vidiyum bhoomi amaidhikaaga vidigave

Good Morning folks!

Santhosha KaNNeerey/ Dil Se Re

I have always liked Santhosha kaNNeerey more than Dil Se Re. Maybe it’s because I listened to the Tamil version first. Anyway, I love the lyrics of both the songs (I like the words Santhosha KaNNeerey itself). What great lyrics that suits the mood of the song so beautifully!
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The magic of A R Rahman

I recently transferred some of my favourite songs that I haven’t listened to for quite sometime, to my mobile. So, I have almost stopped listening to radio now. The next three paras of this post is what I typed in my mobile as a message when I was travelling home from work after I pressed the play button in the music player with the random option turned on. 🙂
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My current wallpaper is….


More pics of Rahman here.

Shauk Hai

For those who haven’t listened to the full song yet, here it is:

I am sure once you start listening to this song, you won’t have the heart to stop listening to it. 😉

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