Sanjay’s Concert – The magical music continues!

At Kamarajar Arangam (Kartik Fine Arts) on 13th December

Nagai Muralidharan – Violin
Guruvayur Dorai – Mridangam
T.V.Vasan – Ghatam

Concert Duration: 3 hrs 20 min

List of Songs:
1. kanakAngi (varnam) – tODi – aTa
2. anumAnE – malayamArutam – rUpakam –swarams at anumAnE
3. rAga sudhA rasa – AndOLikA – Adi – AlApana; swarams at rAga sudhA
4. rAmA lOkAbhi rAmA– bhairavi – kaNDa cApu – AlApana; neraval & swarams at Emi gatilEdani prEmadAsuDu rAmA
5. idu nalla taruNam – SankarAbharaNam
6. gananaya dEsika – riSabhapriyA – AlApana; swarams at saptaswara sangIta
tani Avartanam
7. marugElarA – jayantaSrI
8. RTP – tilang
pallavi: ninnayE rati enRu ninaikkirEn aDi kaNNammA – Adi
swarams in Ananda bhairavi, nIlAmbarI, bhAgESrI
9. ninnayE rati – bhAgESrI – rUpakam
10. jAnAti rAmA (viruttam) – misra khamAj, sindhu bhairavi, suruTTi
rAmacandra nI dayE – suruTTi
11. nI nAma rUpamulaku – sowrASTram

Today’s concert was the Season’s first Sanjay-Nagai Muralidharan combo concert. If that itself had already made me excited, yesterday’s mind-blowing concert only added on to it! And what an amazing concert it turned out to be! It was brilliant from the start to finish!

The joyous AndOLikA AlApana, which came right after a comparatively serene tODi and malayamArutam, the fast-paced rendition of rAga sudhA rasa replete with some awesome swarams. The bhairavi AlApana as special as Sanjay’s bhairavis always are. That perfect riSabhapriyA, the riSabhapriyA kalpanA swarams at saptaswara sangIta which Sanjay started off with the ArOhaNam of the rAgam and a few rounds of swarams later sang the avarOhaNam followed by the ArOhaNam too. Guruvayur Dorai’s mridangam. That excellent RTP in tilang and the rAgamalika swarams full of delightful rAgas, which had one of the most beautiful Ananda bhairavi! It was Anandam/joy personified! 😉 The bhAgESrI swarams in RTP which had that special touch to bhAgESrI which only Sanjay and Nagai Muralidharan can bring to it and the beautiful full song ninnaye rati in bhAgESrI that followed it as expected. The delightful suruTTi in the end being perfectly in sync with the happiness and contentment that everyone in the audience would have felt at the end of this flawless concert! I just can’t stop going gaga over this concert!



  1. Aparna said,

    December 14, 2009 at 10:18 am

    I was at the concert as well, and yes, it was absolutely wonderful! Thanks so much for your post — are you going to his concert at Raga Sudha on Tuesday?

  2. Aparna said,

    December 14, 2009 at 9:39 pm

    I have added your comment to my blog post in my site & have given my reply there 🙂

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